About Medicwiz

Our Mission

Medicwiz's mission is to summarize and consolidate health information into concise, reliable and easy to understand format for the average web users.


Our Vision

At medicwiz.com we belive knoweledge is power and everyone should have acesses to free and unbiased health information. We take pride in spreading health information that is reliable and trustworthy. 

We define our success by the number of lives we have had a positive impact by sharing the gift of knowledge.


Our Values

Our values help us with our mission and forms the basis of the guidelines that we use in achieving our goals. Our values are based on our 7 star guiding philosophy that makes our website special.


1. Our Independence

We are a privately held Non-Profit company. We do not have shareholders or other investors to satisfy, therefore we are able to maintain our autonomy.

Our editorial content is in no way influenced by third-party companies. We also do not engage in product endorsements or affiliate marketing for other companies. We do not receive any pharmaceutical funding for our content.

The website was created and launched with the help of private funding. We may run advertisements on our website to generate income for maintaining the company and creating more interesting and useful content.


2. Be honest

We do not publish any "sponsored articles" and do not take any kind of payment to influence our editorial content. All information presented on our website are presented in good faith with the firm belief that they are reliable and unbiased at the time of publishing.


3. Accuracy

All our content is written and reviewed by health experts making it possible for us to deliver most reliable and accurate health information for the general public.


4. Relevancy

Our content is reviewed and updated at regular intervals with new information as it becomes available to maintain relevancy.


5. Keep it simple

We try our best to make our content as simple and easy as possible while we provide concise insights into the topic.


6. Minimum distraction

We know that most web users hate advertisements because of their intrusive nature. We display bare minimum advertisement if any on our website, to make sure that you are able to enjoy our content without getting distracted.

We do not sell any products or promote affiliate products or services. Therefore, it is not possible to completely remove advertisement modules from our website. Advertisement revenue is important for our company to continue making high quality unbiased content that is freely available for everyone to enjoy.


7. Family friendly

Our website content is carefully selected to make sure it is a family friendly health information website that is suitable for wide range of audience.


Our motivation for starting the company

We wanted to make a resource containing reliable and concise health information written in simple, easy to follow language with content appealing for a broader general audience looking for health information.

The dilemma for an average web user is what they should refer to get a quick grip on the topic before an important meeting or conversation.

We at Medicwiz.com have decided to take this herculean task of shifting through enourmous data of health information and simplify it for easy consumption with appropriate citations.

All articles are well written by qualified medical professionals with a focus of producing patient friendly information. Articles are regularly peer reviewed and constantly updated to ensure reliability, consistency and quality of information.


What you can expect from Medicwiz.com

Our editorial content is not biased or influenced by any external third-party companies. We are not affiliated with any pharmaceutical or medical device manufactures.

All content on our website are written by qualified medical professionals and peer reviewed for reliability and validity.

We at Medicwiz.com understands that most medical content can get very complicated quickly for the average web user. The vast amount of information online can also be overwhelming when looking for quick answers.

Our mission is to simplify these otherwise complex content into a very user friendly, easy to read and digest format.


The story behind the company name and logo design

The story behind the website logo design and company name
Company logo design

Our original ideal to start a health information website dates back to the year 2005. The current company name and its logo design concepts were visualized and finalized during autumn of 2012.

The company name Medicwiz combines two words. Medic (a medical practitioner) and Wiz (Someone who is dazzlingly skilled in any field).

The website logo is a superimposed image of a medical cross and 4 pointers arranged at 90 degrees to the central axis of the medical cross. The pointers symbolize a location (medicwiz.com) where to find concise health information, researched from reputable and reliable resources.


Last updated: April 3, 2016


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